Friday, 15 November 2013

Peer to Peer Learning

So what steps do you need to take if you are looking to implement a peer to peer learning programme in your organisation and what are the main pros and cons of doing so? “The first thing to understand is that your organisation already has a peer to peer learning programme,” says author and L&D consultant Peter Freeth, “So what you're actually aiming to do isn't to introduce it, but to recognise and support it.”

Unlike the more traditional learning routes, such as classroom training and e-learning, formalising peer to peer learning does not necessarily work, according to Freeth.  “The whole point is that it's totally demand driven; people learn when they need to know something, and they seek out the people who can help them,” he notes.

Identifying the key influencers within your learning network and ensuring you provide them with some training delivery skills is the next stage, says Freeth. “Remember that an expert is someone with knowledge, not necessarily someone who knows how they acquired that knowledge,” he adds. So the learning needs to be facilitated by someone who can bridge the gap between the expert and the learner, rather than becoming a demonstration by the expert.

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